May 5, 2023

Reels Promotion Agency in India

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Why choose Cash Digital Media for reels promotion?
→ Cash Digital Media is an India’s no. 1 Agency in India for Promotions Services. If you are a Label, Artist, Company, Creator etc you can promote your song on reels Instagram.
→ Your song will show up on Trend’s song page.
→ Your song will show up in the related section of other reels and music section on Instagram.

Important notes for Reels Promotion:

If you are looking to promote your song on Reels Instagram:
✓ Must song released and live on Instagram Audio Library.
✓ Minimum Order 10K Reels.
✓ Its Random reels so there is no lip sync and sense, Its just for boost audio uses.
✓ 100K+ Reels need for Trend Your Song.
✓ The fixed price for Reels Promotion Packages. For Rates Contact.

The Process of Reels Promotion:

Step 1 ) Share Reels Audio Link and Our Team will Review It.
Step 2 ) Pay the fee by QR Code or Gpay.
Step 3 ) After paying the fee, our team start process and Get 100K+ Reels in Just 3 To 5 Days.

Contact us for Price : 8104390065, 9257970065

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